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 Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Department

 Mrs. M. Kamm - Agriculture, Horticulture, Greenhouse Mgmt., Aquatic and Wildlife Mgmt., Forestry, Animal Sciences

 Art & Music Departments

 Mr. Bassak - Instrumental Music, Band
 Mrs. S. Kamm - Art 9-12
 Ms. Vought - Vocal Music

 Business /Technology Education Department

 Mr. Stuedemann - Business Education, BWTV, Dynamic Media

 Engineering and Technology Department

 Ms. Steward - Applied Tech., Careers
 Mr. Peper - Woodworking, Metals, Drafting & Design, Applied Tech.

 English Department

 Mrs. Bloom - English 10-12
 Mrs. Broker - English 11-12/Creative Writing
 Mr. Jourdeans - English 9
 Ms. Koller - AP English, College Prep English 12, Advanced English 11

 Family and Consumer Sciences Department

 Mrs. Schomker - Child Development, Food Sciences, Clothing, Fashion, & Sewing, Housing & Interior Design, Family & Living Relations

 Foreign Language Department

 Mrs. Schommer - Spanish II - IV, Distance Learning
 Ms. Bishop, Spanish I, Spanish III

 Library and Media Department

 Mr. Perkins - Library Media Director
 HS LMC (Old)

 Math Department

 Ms. Finke - Algebra I, Chemistry
 Mr. Hush - Algebra I, Algebra II
 Mrs. Paquette - Algebra 1 and Geometry
 Mr. Rumpel - Geometry, Probability & Statistics

 Physical Education Department

 Mrs. Larson - PE II, Health, Aeorobics and Fitness
 Mr. Klatt - PE I, Team Sports, Fitness & Weight Training

 Pupil Services Department

 Mrs. Branscombe - LD Grades 9 & 10
 Mr. Harmon - LD Grades 11 & 12
 Mrs. Nickowski - EBD Grades 9-12
 Mrs. Pagel - School Counselor
 Mrs. Smestad - School Counselor

 Science Department

 Ms. Finke - Algebra 1, Chemistry
 Mr. Keefer - Biology, Adv. Biology, Ecology.
 Mr. Peterson - Science 9, Human Anatomy
 Mr. Stitt - Chemistry and Physics

 Social Sciences Department

 Mr. Gerrits - AP History, Amer. Hist. 10, Soc., Psych., Curr.Aff.
 Mr. Boetcher - Amer. Dev. 10, Psych. 12
 Mr. Nigbor- World History, Economics