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Middle School



 Athletics and Activities: Be Involved!
  Participation in extracurriculars whether it be in academics, sports, or performing activities gives students a sense of belonging, a focus, and helps build confidence.  Viking offers a variety of activities throughout the school year and your participation is encouraged. 
        Students who wish to participate in athletics, forensics and the musicals must follow the co-curricular code.  Students and parents must attend one of the co-curricular code meetings and view the presentation which outlines the standards participants are expected to up hold in terms of grades and behavior.


5th-8th Musical

​Chandra Lamb, Eric Becker,  Rob Skamfer


​ASCEND (After school study hall) Karrie Johnson

​Band, Pep Band,

Solo and Ensemble

​Eric Becker
​Basketball, Boys - 7th  Jeremy Nygaard​​, Rob Skamfer
​Baskeball, Boys - 8th Tom Schumacher, ​Dustin O'Bryan
​Basketball, Girls - 7th Matt Schommer and Laurie Klatt
​Basketball, Girls - 8th ​Anthony Stitt and Jeremy Nygaard
​Battle of the Books - 5th - 8th ​Jason Glampe
​Cross Country - 6th, 7th, 8th ​Kelly Veenendaal, Carolyn Cernohous
​Drama Rama Kelly Becker​
​Football - 7th ​Tim Monicken, Brian Weyer
​Football - 8th ​Jake Cimino, Jeremy Nygaard
​Forensics - 6- 8th Cami Curtis, Tina Fern-Denzer, Zach Johnson
​Lego League - 7th-8th ​Dennis Paquette
​Peer Mediation ​Kelli Larson
​School Yearbook ​Nicki Severson
Student Council​ ​Eric Becker, Rob Skamfer
​TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) ​Kelli Larson
​Track                          ​Dennis Paquette, Karrie Johnson

​Vocal Music

Solo and Ensemble

​Chandra Lamb
​Volleyball - 7th ​Jen Schommer, Laurie Klatt
​Volleyball - 8th ​Lindsay McClain, Zach Johnson
​Wrestling - 6th, 7th, 8th   Dave Ramberg​